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Sunset Reading



Congratulations!  You've finished a piece of writing; a short story, maybe a novel or a non-fiction book, and now you need a reader's perspective.  That's where I come in.  :)


I will read your complete work.

do not edit nor proof-read; I am here to provide you feedback from a reader's perspective.


I will provide honest, constructive, and supportive feedback from a reader's perspective.


A written report focusing on: characterization and motivation, plot holes and inconsistencies, credibility of dialogue, anachronisms, plot and conflict, developmental insights, and overall impression.


Who am I?

My name is Bette Kosmolak

A deep reader, with a BA in English, a course in Creative Non-Fiction, and a 3-year course in writing and deep reading with Traci Skuce.

Winner of North Island College's 3-hour Fiction Writing Contest (2019)

Judge for Denman Island Writing Contest (2023)

Published in CV Collective, Bright Flash Literary Review, Potato Soup, and Adelaide Literary Magazine.

Open Book

What I read

Fiction (adult), creative non-fiction, and non-fiction, between "one hundred" and "one hundred thousand" words.

do not read: fantasy, paranormal, dystopia, nor poetry.

What I Charge

I charge 1 cent per word, that's it.

"Bette's wonderful beta reading of my most recent novel, The Life of Gronsky, was indispensable. She pointed out several factual inconsistencies, especially in a portion of the novel that occurs in post-war Winnipeg... so her specific knowledge was useful but also her, dare I say, occasionally effusive enjoyment of the book was helpful and supportive."

Bill Englesson, author of The Life of Gronsky

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